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  1. "Homeless Yet Employed"


    NOTE: Some sleazy slimeball has removed the attribution from this and it is going around like crazy as such, see, e.g., this.

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  2. "The Aggressor"

    NOTE: This is adapted from this graphic. The graphic is not at all the first appearance of the concept or similar text, so the #hashtag in the graphic does not appear to be indicative of textual authorship. After due diligence, I have deemed the concept an orphan.

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  3. Nice! I today signed papers with the major publisher Pearson Academic to allow this graphic to appear in the VERY major college textbook, Government in America (16th edition) by George C. Edwards. This means that today is the day that an instance of Occupy art will be viewed and cited by American history scholars for literally centuries and centuries to come. I’m glad. :-) 


    If U.S. Land Mass Were Distributed Like U.S. Wealth (expanded version)

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    Data source:

    This design was featured in a Huffington Post roundup of Occupy Art and was readers’ top pick.

    This design appears in the major college textbook, Government in America by George C. Edwards.

    Also see:

    U.K. version | Canada version | Austria version

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  4. If Guns Were as Regulated as Cars

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  5. Re-posting this because of all the records broken this summer.


    Which of These About Global Climate Change Makes More Sense?

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    150dpi direct link image (since this image has considerable detail).

    Author’s note: This poster applies Occam’s Razor to the climate change issue. It is based on a work the origin of which I cannot determine; contact us if you know.

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    Which Climate Change Theory Makes More Sense? shirt
    Which Climate Change Theory Makes More Sense? 

  6. Silhouette Man Wonders WTF is Wrong with Americans

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    This comic uses some text from the Letter of Support for Quebec Students from Nordic Students. The letter is written by a coalition of student unions from Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.

    UPDATE: The original version of this poster cited the above mentioned letter, and the Student Union in Finland was not included among the letter’s authors. That caused some confusion. The poster has been updated to include Finland, because it does have essentially the same higher education policy as its Nordic neighbors.

    UPDATE #2: Since my posting this on DailyKos, this comic has been shared about a half-million times over two days. Here’s KOS founder Markos Moulitsas on the comic:

    UPDATE #3: It’s been interesting to watch how many officials from the for-profit “schools” mentioned in this comic, and their law firms, have visited this site to view this comic.

    UPDATE #4: This comic has now been shared well over 3-million times across the Internet.

  7. Are Your Non-Union Wages Being Kept By The Rich?

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    Adapted from this

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    Union Workers OVERpaid? No, You're UNDERpaid!

  8. Make Banks Public Utilities

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  9. Why the 1% Cuts Education and Hates Unions

    Text adapted from this wall, but we have learned and have a good faith belief that some of the text is adapted from Ricardo Levins Morales.

    Read a critical comparison between this and the design by Morales.

    Click the image to read a brief, critical comparison between this and the original design.

  10. Money Is Like Manure

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    Author’s note: This is based on a quote from Dolly Levi, the character in the 1969 film, Hello Dolly.

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    Money Is Like Manure
  11. The Individual Health Care Mandate Explained to the Supreme Court and Others

    Direct links to larger images: | 800x1352 | 900x15021260x2132

    Download the poster pack (includes SVG and PDF)

    Author’s note: Given the embarrassingly inane questions coming from conservative SCOTUS justices this week, I thought they might need this all explained to them in simple, very clear terms. It’s a good primer for everyone else, too.

    Also see: The Court and Health Care by Senator Bernie Sanders

  12. The Visible Hand of Wall Street Speculators in Gas Prices

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  13. To Fix Education, Fix Inequality

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  14. Trayvon’s Death Caused by Legilslation

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    Also see: Paul Krugman piece | Washington Monthly piece | "How Stand Your Ground Went National" at The Root | Former NRA President: We Helped Draft Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” Law at MediaMatters | ALEC Ratified NRA-Conceived Law That May Protect Trayvon Martin’s Killer at PR Watch

    Note: The poster has been updated to correct the sequence depicted. The prior version pegged ALEC as drafting the bill. In point of fact, the NRA did, and ALEC then took it up as a model legislationVarious news media sources initially had this confused, which was why the original version depicted the confusion.