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  1. Money is Not Speech

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    Author’s note:

    This poster contains the symbols for every in-use currency in the world.

    Currencies used in the poster text are:

    M - Azerbaijani manat
    O - Generic currency sign
    N - Nigerian naira
    E - European Union euro
    Y - Japanese yen

    I - Cambodia Riel
    S - Latvian santīms

    N - Nigerian naira
    O - Generic currency sign
    T - Kazakhstani tenge

    S - Generic dollar
    P - Philippine peso
    E - European Union euro
    E - Swazi lilangeni
    Ch. - Bhutanese chhertum

    Currencies in the background:

    lp Ch. Q к. د.ت Ar ₲ P B/. £ ج.م. h q ₴ ƒ دج Br ₭ Pt. ৳ WS$ ₮ E ₡ VT ฿ Rf. TL ₩ ع.د Bs. € Db ¥ R $ Bs.F. zł Lt د.إ M ₨ $ SDR ¤ КМ лв ر.س сом р. ₵ ₫ R$ د.م. MT $ дин ₦ SRe ¢ USh gr S/. ₥ D Ft $ Rp ر.ع. Sh.So. c RM ر.ق Esc ден руб. Ksh JD $ ریال ct Nfk s ₪ FCFA Le FBu .د.ب Kz L ៛ Kč Ls CFA kr ₣ ZK UM Nu. ლ kn G MK K د.ك MOP$ ₱ ل.د FRw


  2. Using a Tent Does Not Equal Camping

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    Author’s note: I made this poster because the legal point it makes seemed to be so unrecognized in press articles I had been reading at the time. So I made this to push the point. Occupy protesters quickly and widely took it up. This poster was later featured in the U.K Guardian’s coverage of OWS and prodded the central legal argument made in a New York State free speech case involving the rights of Occupy protesters.

    It now appears in print in:

    Marguerite Shaffer and Phoebe S.K. Young (eds), Rendering Nature: Animals, Bodies, Places, Politics, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015. It is in the essay chapter, "’Bring Tent’: The Occupy Movement and the Politics of Public Nature” by Phoebe Young.

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