1. Frequently Asked Questions

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    Who Designs These?

    Around 95% of the works on this site are the work of one designer, an educator and educational technologist with an advanced degree by normal profession. Contact him. Where noted or obvious, the remaining are curated.

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    What’s Your Design Philosophy?

    Most Occupy* Posters are Designed for the Streets and Internet Sharing.  In brief, this means they are designed with stand-out legibility and clear conveyance of one brief message that reads itself to viewers.  A lot of designer don’t design that way, see the examples here and here; so, their work sometimes needlessly languishes. The Occupy* Posters comic series, Sihouette Man, is designed under the same principle of legibility, but obviously conveys more points.

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    Is Occupy* Posters an Official Mouthpiece of Occupy Wall Street?

    Occupy* Posters has authored dozens of visual messages that enjoy iconic status within the Occupy Movement. Dozens of others have been well-received and broadly used by various Occupy movements. And, the folks of OccupyWallSt.org have told us that they really like a lot of works by Occupy* Posters.
    Still, the ONLY official mouthpiece of Occupy Wall Street is OccupyWallSt.org.
    Occupy*Posters seeks to speak with and not for the Occupy Movement. Occupy* Posters is one of thousands of entities that grew around an excited sense of solidarity with the Occupy Movement’s grievances during its very first September 2011 days.
    Still, each work by Occupy* Posters expresses the views of the designer. There is considerable diversity of views among those who express solidarity with Occupy’s grievances, so diversity of expression is only to be expected. In view of engaging in important conversations, a number of works by Occupy* Posters express friendly criticism of Occupy Wall Street’s official stances.

    Why are there Some Partisan Posters here?

    Some of the works here do diverge from Occupy’s official non-partisan stance, although some other posters that may initially appear to be partisan actually take no position; so, please check twice. I’d rather not make partisan posters, but occupiers with larger Occupy platforms than mine don’t follow the official stance. Just four among many visual examples are here, here, here and here. I make some posters that counter those lines because I want potential allies of the movement to see that not all people with something of an Occupy platform think like that. As Jonathan Matthew Smucker importantly argues,

    The worst thing we could do right now is make Occupy Wall Street into a small “radicals only” space. We cannot build a large-scale social movement capable of achieving big changes without the involvement of long-standing large membership institutions, including labor unions, national advocacy organizations, community organizations, and faith communities. Radicals never have and never will have sufficient numbers to go it alone. We have to muster the courage and smarts to be able to help forge and maintain alliances that we can influence but cannot fully control. That’s the nature of a broad populist alignment.

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    What’s inside “Poster Packs”?

    Poster packs are simple ZIP files that typically contain a lossless SVG version, a 10,000dpi PDF version, and PNG versions at 300dpi, 90dpi, and 56dpi. Some also contain 9-, 16-, 25-, and 36-sheet “posterized” PDF files you can print with a normal printer onto 8.5x11 paper, trim, and tape together with clear postal tape—ideal for making signs on a shoestring that still look good. If the pack lacks posterized files, it contains the cross-platform program PosteRazor, which you can use yourself in this manner.

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    What’s that cool font you use?


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    Why is there an Asterisk in Your Name?

    Occupy* signifies anything occupied, whether Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Washington, D.C., Occupy Student Loan Debt, etc. The core goal here is to support the movement, broadly defined, with relevant material. The Occupy Posters Facebook page lacks the asterisk because it makes it harder to tag images.

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    Why are You Selling Shirts and Stuff?

    Because I can’t afford to give them away yet wish to get important messages on to people’s bodies. The Occupy* Posters designer gets 15% of your purchase and turns much more than 100% of it back into making more posters, as well as developing its beautiful Tumblr site that has pushed the bounds of the Tumblr platform.

    You can opt to place any of the available designs on sustainable garments made in the USA.

    If you still take issue with the selling of these shirts, you can do something about it. Make a donation and stipulate it for free shirt giveaways. 100% of your donation will go to the task. If you stipulate your donation for only sustainable shirts made in the U.S. by U.S. workers, it will be completely honored but a bit fewer shirts can be made and given away. It’s your choice.

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